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Training people how to eliminate pain and maintain a life worth living.
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Learn how to eliminate pain throughout your body by understanding body mechanics and learning simple exercises you can anywhere, anytime. 


Train your mind and body in simple restorative techniques aimed at optimizing body performance to get you on a track for a lifetime of pain free living.


Body maintenance comes in many forms, but nutrition is among the most important.  What we put in our body is all it has to perform with so choose wisely.

Think you know performance?

You might. But we absolutely do.


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The 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge

Back in November of 2014 I decided it would be a fantastic idea to do some sprints in the dark with my 160 pound Great Dane before bed to wear him out.  Nissan my dog also agreed that this would be a great idea so we grabbed the retractable leash and went out to do a...

White Belt Mentality

"A rut is a grave with the ends knocked out." -Dr. Laurence Peter My first 6 months as a manual therapist were some of the most interesting and challenging times in my life.  I learned more in my first 6 months of practice than I did in 8 years of college.  That is...

Technology is Ruining the Art of Medicine

I may sound like a nostalgic grandparent that simultaneously brags about the "good old days" and complains about "having to hike uphill both ways" in driving snow to get to school.  Technology is a wonderful thing in many aspects of our lives.  We have endless...

The Cold War Round 2: American or Russian Swings?

Russia does some stupid things about every 20 minutes to piss off the world or endanger others but swinging a giant cannonball with a handle on it is not one of them.  The Russian kettlebell swing is more effective than its ambitious American counterpart for multiple...

Three Pillars of Nutrition

In nutrition basics are king.  It doesn’t matter what church-ed up story the meathead at your local supplement store tells you about their new promotional-priced miracle powder made from endangered bat guano from the Amazon Rainforest.  Three basics will make you healthier than 90% of those that try much too hard…